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Amended Article


Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Remuneration Committee Charter  CH

Amended Date: 2020.06.03 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 5     (Committee composition)
    The Committee shall consist of ___ members appointed by resolution of the board of directors. A majority of the members shall serve as independent directors.
    The professional qualifications and degree of independence of the members of the Committee shall meet the requirements set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the Regulations.
Article 6     (Terms of Committee members and appointments to fill vacancies)
    The term of the Committee members shall be the same as that of the board of directors by whom they were appointed.
    When a member of the Committee is dismissed for any reason, resulting in there being less than three members, a board meeting to make a new appointment shall be held within 3 months from the date of occurrence. In the event that an independent director is dismissed and there is no other independent director, the Corporation may appoint someone who is not qualified to act as independent director to be a member of the Committee until the appointment of an independent director at a by-election as required, and the independent director elected in the by-election will be appointed after the by-election.
Article 8     (Convening and holding of meetings)
    Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least ______times a year. In convening a meeting of the Committee, a notice setting forth the subjects to be discussed at the meeting shall be given to each member at least 7 days in advance. In emergency circumstances, however, the meeting may be convened on shorter notice.
     One of the independent directors shall be elected by all members of the Committee as the convener and meeting chair. If the convener takes leave or is unable to convene a meeting for any reason, the convener shall appoint another independent director on the Committee to act in his or her place. If there is no other independent director on the Committee, the convener shall appoint another Committee member to act on his or her behalf. If the convener does not make such an appointment, a member of the Committee shall be elected by and from among the other members on the Committee to serve as convener.
Article 10-1     When a meeting of the Committee will discuss the remuneration of any member of the Committee, it will be clearly stated at the meeting. If there is likely to be any prejudice to the interests of the Corporation, that member may not participate in the discussion or voting and shall enter recusal during the discussion and voting. The member also may not act as another Committee member's proxy to exercise voting rights on that matter.
Article 11     (Meeting minutes)
    Discussions at a meeting of the Committee shall be included in the meeting minutes, which shall faithfully record the following:
  1. The session, time, and place of the meeting.
  2. The name of the meeting chair.
  3. Attendance of the Committee members at the meeting, specifying the names and the number of members present, excused, and absent.
  4. The names and titles of those attending the meeting as non-voting participants.
  5. The name of the minute taker.
  6. The matters reported at the meeting.
  7. Agenda items: For each proposal, the method of resolution and the result; the name, content of remuneration, and specifics regarding recusal of any member whose own remuneration comes under discussion under the preceding article; and any objections or reservations expressed by any member.
  8. Extraordinary motions: The name of the mover; the method of resolution and the result for each motion; a summary of the comments of the independent director members of the Committee and experts and other persons present at the meeting; the name, content of remuneration, and specifics regarding recusal of any member whose own remuneration comes under discussion under the preceding article; and any objections or reservations expressed by a member.
  9. Other matters required to be recorded.
    The attendance book constitutes part of the minutes for each meeting of the Committee; if the meeting is held via telecommunications, the audio and video materials also constitute part of the meeting minutes.
    The minutes of each meeting of the Committee shall bear the signature or seal of both the meeting chair and the minute taker. A copy of the minutes shall be distributed to each member on the Committee within 20 days after the meeting, and shall be presented to the board of directors and retained as important corporate records for 5 years. The meeting minutes may be produced and distributed in electronic form.
    If, before the expiration of the retention period under the preceding paragraph, any litigation arises in connection with any matter relating to the Committee, the meeting minutes shall be preserved until the conclusion of the litigation.
Article 13     (Resources to be provided when the Committee exercises its powers)
    When the Committee calls a meeting, it may request directors, managers of relevant departments, internal audit officers, certified public accountants, attorneys, or other personnel of this Corporation to attend the meeting as non-voting participants and to provide pertinent and necessary information, provided that they shall leave the meeting when deliberation and voting take place..
    The Committee may, at the expense of this Corporation, resolve to retain the service of an attorney, certified public accountant, or other professional to conduct a necessary audit or to provide advice on matters relating to the exercise of the Committee's powers.