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Regulations Governing the Administration of Credit Rating Agencies  CH

Amended Date: 2015.12.31 
Article 25     Information relating to the credit rating business engaged in by a credit rating agency shall be retained for a period of at least five years, provided that information relating to any matter in dispute shall be retained until the dispute is eliminated.
    The "information relating to the credit rating business" of the preceding paragraph shall include the following documents:
  1. Credit rating procedures and methodologies and any changes to them.
  2. Credit rating analyses and reports.
  3. A register of the personnel who participated in credit rating decisions.
  4. Any deliberations relevant to the credit rating process and records of internal and external communications.
  5. Explanations of any discrepancies between a final credit rating and the results calculated from the quantitative model.
  6. Information on initial credit ratings, surveillance ratings, adjustment of ratings, and withdrawal of ratings, and records relating to appeals received in response to the aforementioned credit rating results.
  7. The course of processing the appeal made by the rated entity and relevant documents.