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Regulations Governing the Administration of Credit Rating Agencies  CH

Amended Date: 2015.12.31 
Article 6     No person to whom any of the following items applies shall serve as a promoter, director, supervisor, or managerial officer of a credit rating agency; those appointed and currently serving in any of these capacities shall be discharged by the FSC pursuant to the provisions of Article 18-1, paragraph 2 of the Act, whereby the provisions of Article 53 of the Act shall apply mutatis mutandis; the FSC shall also make written request to the Ministry of Economic Affairs to rescind the registration of such persons as director, supervisor, or managerial officer:
  1. Any of the circumstances listed in Article 30 of the Company Law.
  2. The person served as the director, supervisor, managerial officer or any other equivalent positions of a juristic person when such juristic person was adjudicated bankrupt, and a period of three years has not yet elapsed since the bankruptcy was concluded or a settlement has not yet been fulfilled.
  3. The person's account with a financial institution has been dishonored or the person has had a record of bad credit standing during the preceding three years.
  4. The person was discharged from functional duties pursuant to the provisions of Article 56 or Article 66, paragraph 2 of the Securities and Exchange Act or Article 103, paragraph 2 or Article 104 of the Securities Trust and Consulting Act, and a period of three (3) years has not yet elapsed since the discharge.
  5. The person has been replaced or discharged from functional duties pursuant to the provisions of Article 100, paragraph 1, subparagraph 2 or Article 101, subparagraph 1 of the Futures Trading Act, where a period of five (5) years has not yet elapsed since the discharge.
  6. The person has received a final and unappealable sentence for violation of the Securities and Exchange Act, the Banking Act, the Financial Holding Company Act, the Trust Enterprise Act, the Act Governing Bills Finance Business, the Financial Asset Securitization Act, the Real Estate Securitization Act, the Insurance Act, the Futures Trading Act, the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act, the Statute for Regulation of Foreign Exchange, the Credit Cooperative Act, the Agricultural Finance Act, the Farmers' Association Act, the Fishermen's Association Act, the Money Laundering Control Act, the Certified Public Accountant Act, the Business Accounting Act, or any other financial regulatory act, and the sentence has not yet been completed, or five years have not yet elapsed since the completion of the sentence, expiry of probation, or granting of pardon.
  7. The person has been provably engaged or involved in other dishonest or improper acts that are sufficient to show such person unqualified for the rating business.
    If the promoter, director, or supervisor is a juristic person, the above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to the responsible person or authorized representative of that juristic person.