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Regulations Governing Responsible Persons and Associated Persons of Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2020.10.26 (Articles 10 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2020.01.15 
Article 2     The term "responsible person" as used in these Regulations shall be defined in accordance with Article 8 of the Company Act.
    The term "associated persons" as used in these Regulations means persons who engage in the following businesses for a securities firm:
  1. Securities investment analysis, internal auditing, self-auditing, legal compliance, or in-charge accountant.
  2. Liaison or execution of securities underwriting and trading.
  3. Proprietary securities trading, clearing and settlement, or agency for shareholder services.
  4. Account opening, credit searches, solicitation, recommendation, brokerage order taking, filing, clearing, settlement, or receipt, payment, and safekeeping of cash and stocks, in connection with securities trading.
  5. Margin purchases or short sales in securities trading.
  6. Derivatives trading.
  7. Risk management.
  8. Conducting other approved business.
    Responsible persons and associated persons of the overseas branch of a securities firm shall abide by the local laws and regulations governing securities in the country where they conduct business. With the exception of Article 12, Article 13, and Article 18, paragraph 1, these Regulations shall not apply.