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Regulations Governing Responsible Persons and Associated Persons of Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2020.10.26 (Articles 10 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2020.01.15 
Article 4     Associated persons of a securities firm may not concurrently hold any position at another securities firm either domestically or in a foreign country. This, however, does not apply to legal compliance, internal auditors, risk management personnel, or in-charge accountant of the securities firm concurrently holding a position of the same nature at a securities affiliate enterprise in a foreign country.
    An affiliate enterprise as referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be governed by the Affiliated Enterprises chapter of the Company Act.
    The following associated persons of a securities firm may not engage in business beyond the scope for which they are registered, nor may their business be concurrently performed by associated persons, unless so prescribed in other laws or regulations:
  1. Associated persons engaged in proprietary trading of securities.
  2. Internal auditors.
  3. Risk management personnel.
     Persons engaged in the business of brokerage trading of securities, and persons charged with consulting in connection with asset allocation or financial planning or services in connection with the sale of financial products, may not concurrently handle services that involve account opening for securities trading, clearing and settlement, receipt, payment, and safekeeping of cash and stocks, margin purchases or short sales, underwriting, serving as in-charge accountant, or agency for shareholder services.
    In the case of a futures commission merchant that concurrently operates securities business, if any of its associated persons possesses the qualifications for both securities and futures business, then those an associated person, when engaging in the business of account opening, brokerage trading, proprietary trading, clearing and settlement, legal compliance, internal auditing, self-audit, risk management, and in-charge accountant within the scope for which the person is registered, may concurrently handle securities business and futures business of the same nature.
    In the case of a futures commission merchant that concurrently operates securities business, a managerial officer of the department that handles brokerage trading, proprietary trading, or clearing and settlement business, who furthermore meets the qualifications set out in Articles 8 and 10 herein, may concurrently serve as a managerial officer of the futures department that handles business of the same nature.
    Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, the provisions of paragraph 3 and the preceding paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis to financial institutions other than futures commission merchants that concurrently operate securities business.
    An agent of a securities firm shall neither execute nor concurrently engage in the business of a senior agent.
    A securities firm shall establish internal audit and control mechanisms for any concurrent holding of positions and concurrent handling of services by its associated persons, to ensure the effective execution of the associated person's principal duties and concurrently held duties or concurrently handled services, and for maintaining the normal business operations of the securities firm. The concurrent holding of positions and concurrent handling of services may not involve any conflict of interest or any violation of applicable securities regulations or internal control system provisions, and the rights and interests of customers and shareholders shall be protected.