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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Overseas Securities by Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 17     After a depositary institution has issued overseas depositary receipts, it shall act in accordance with all acts or regulations for foreign exchange matters when handling exchange settlement matters arising in connection with its receipt of: (1) cash dividend distributions; (2) proceeds from the redemption and sale of securities underlying overseas depositary receipts; and (3) funds required by a depositary institution in order to re-issue such overseas depositary receipts, where an investor (or a depositary institution acting on such investor's behalf) has (within the scope of the original number of shares redeemed or the maximum total amount and in accordance with the provisions of Article 14, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1 or 3) purchased on a domestic market the underlying securities evidenced by the depositary receipts, and such investor or depositary institution has delivered the securities to a custodian institution, and a depositary institution (as mentioned above) uses these securities to issue or re-issue such overseas depositary receipts.