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Regulations Governing Public Tender Offers for Securities of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2023.12.04 
Article 14     The public company whose securities are being acquired shall, within 15 days after its receipt of the copy of the Public Tender Offer Report Form, the public tender offer prospectus, and relevant documents reported and publicly announced by the Offeror pursuant to Paragraph 8 of Article 9, have the following items publicly announced, reported in writing to the FSC for recordation, and copied to the Securities Related Entities:
  1. The types, number and amount of shares currently held by the current directors and supervisors and any shareholders with more than 10% of the company's stocks.
  2. The board of directors shall make recommendations to the company's shareholders with respect to the status of verification of the identity and financial condition of the Offeror, fairness of the tender offer conditions, and reasonableness of the sources of the tender offer funds, and the specific assenting and dissenting opinions of the directors and their reasons therefor shall be clearly recorded.
  3. Whether there were major changes on the company's financial conditions after the delivery of its most recent financial statements, and the contents of such changes.
  4. The types, number and amount of shares of the Offeror or its affiliated enterprises as defined under Chapter 6-1 of the Company Act held by the current directors, supervisors or the major shareholders having over 10% of the shareholding of the target company.
  5. Other relevant important information.
    Shares held by persons in Subparagraph 1 and Subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph include those held by his/her spouse and minor children and held under the names of other persons.
    The board of directors must fully disclose the verification measures already adopted and the related procedures with respect to the verification conducted under paragraph 1, subparagraph 2, and if an expert is engaged to issue a written opinion, it shall be made public along with the disclosure.
    After receiving documents in connection with a new report and public announcement made by the Offeror pursuant to Article 43-5, paragraph 2 of the Act (hereinafter, a "new report and public announcement"), if the public company whose securities are being acquired must consequently amend the status of verification of relevant matters or its recommendations to the shareholders under paragraph 1, subparagraph 2 herein, it shall, within 15 days, make a new public announcement of the items in that subparagraph, and prepare and submit a written report to the FSC for recordation, with a copy to the Securities Related Entities.