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Taiwan Securities Association Rules Governing Underwriting and Resale of Securities by Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2023.11.30 (Articles 4-1, 22-1, 30, 40, 43, 43-1, 44, 54, 73 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2016.04.12 
Article 50     In sub-underwriting securities on behalf of an underwriter, a securities broker and its associated persons shall abide by the following rules:
  1. A prospectus and other relevant material detailing the terms under which securities are to be issued, the operating and financial conditions of the issuer, and other relevant matters shall be provided to subscribers;
  2. No guarantees or commitments shall be made to subscribers regarding investment return on the securities;
  3. Subscribers who are obviously incapable of effecting payment shall not enter into contracts with an underwriter via [a securities broker or any of its associated persons];
  4. No improper subscription solicitations may be made to investors;
  5. [A securities broker and its associated persons shall refrain from] any other activity prohibited by the FSC.