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Taiwan Securities Association Rules Governing Underwriting and Resale of Securities by Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2023.11.30 (Articles 4-1, 22-1, 30, 40, 43, 43-1, 44, 54, 73 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2016.04.12 
Article 6     In the underwriting cases prior to an initial listing on a stock exchange or an OTC market involving previously issued shares or cash capital increase through a new share issue (except for cases involving conversion of OTC (or exchange) listed stocks into exchange (or OTC) listed stocks), and in the underwriting of a cash capital increase by a company already listed on a stock exchange or an OTC market in which all shares are put up for underwritten distribution, where underwriting is not carried out using the book building method, the shares shall be offered through competitive auction; provided, however, that this provision does not apply to a public enterprise or to any other party that applies for an initial listing of shares on a stock exchange or an OTC market in accordance with the provisions of Articles 6 and 6-1 of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules for Review of Securities Listings, or in accordance with the provisions of the Taipei Exchange Supplemental Provisions for Applications by Private Institutions Participating in Public Infrastructure Projects for Over-the-Counter Listing, or in accordance with other acts or regulations.
    In the underwriting of convertible corporate bonds or corporate bonds with warrants, and in a secondary distribution carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 22 paragraph 3 of the Securities and Exchange Act (hereinafter, "secondary distribution"), the securities may be offered through competitive auction.