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Regulations Governing Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2020.01.15 
Article 16     If any director or a juristic person represented by a director is an interested party with respect to any agenda item, the director shall state the important aspects of the interested party relationship at the respective meeting. When the relationship is likely to prejudice the interests of the company, the director may not participate in discussion or voting on that agenda item, and further, shall enter recusal during discussion and voting on that item and may not act as another director's proxy to exercise voting rights on that matter.
    Where the spouse or a blood relative within the second degree of kinship of a director, or a company which has a controlling or subordinate relation with a director, is an interested party with respect to an agenda item as described in the preceding paragraph, such director shall be deemed to be an interested party with respect to that agenda item.
    The provisions of Article 180, paragraph 2 of the Company Act, as applied mutatis mutandis under Article 206, paragraph 4 of that Act, apply to resolutions of board of directors meetings when a director is prohibited by the preceding two paragraphs from exercising voting rights.