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Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors  CH

Announced Date: 2016.06.30 
Categories: Corporate Governance
2     Chapter 2 Objectives of the Principles
    The Principles, through provision of a principle-based framework and guidance, are intended to encourage institutional investors to apply their expertise and influence, and fulfill their duties as asset owners or managers, so as to enhance long-term value for themselves and capital providers. The institutional investors, through monitoring, engaging in dialogue and interacting with investee companies, as well as efforts to enhance investment value, are also able to improve the quality of corporate governance of the investee companies, thus creating an overall positive effect on the development of industry, economy and society.
    The Principles encourage institutional investors valuing stewardship to endorse and comply with relevant principles (Please refer to Chapter 3). All institutional investors, that are, asset owners or managers, investing in securities issued by Taiwanese companies (including but not limited to TWSE listed, TPEx listed, emerging or public companies), regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign, government- or private-owned, are encouraged to be signatories.