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Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Operation by Securities Firms of the Business of Proprietary Trading of Security Tokens  CH

Amended Date: 2023.03.02 (Articles 4, 41 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2022.02.10 
Article 31     An investor who is participating in subscription for the first time shall first apply for registration on the platform, and also sign an account opening contract (Attachment 4) with the securities firm and sign a Risk Disclosure Statement (Attachment 5), and shall designate an account opened in the investor's own name at a financial institution to serve as the account for related transactions. The securities firm shall exercise controls to ensure that all related monetary payments and receipts are done solely by means of remittances in New Taiwan dollars from and to the aforesaid account.
    The securities firm shall examine whether an investor who is interested in subscribing meets the qualifications of a professional investor, and an investor may proceed with subscription procedures only after the securities firm has verified that the investor does not exceed its investment limit and after a prospectus has been delivered to the investor.
    The "investment limit" in the preceding paragraph refers to the limit of NT$300,000 set as the maximum subscription that a professional investor who is a natural person may make in any single security token offering.