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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Exchange Traded Notes Public Listing Contract  CH

Announced Date: 2018.09.10 
Categories: Primary Market > Listing Contracts
1     Pursuant to Article 139 of the Securities and Exchange Act, [Company Name] Co., Ltd.("Issuer") for the approval on the public offering of its Exchange Traded Notes ("ETN") hereby apply for public listing. In accordance with Article 141 of the same Act and the Rules Governing the Securities Public Listing Contracts, it is hereby agreed as follows:
Article 1
    The ETN the issuer applies for an initial listing in accordance with this Contract is as below:
    │Name of │Issuance│Issuance│Total Amount│Listing │Note  │
    │ETN     │Date    │Units   │of Issuance │Period  │      │
    │        │        │        │            │        │      │
    │        │        │        │            │        │      │
    Where there is increase or decrease in the amount or change in contents of the ETN in the preceding paragraph, the ETN public listing application or the application for change in contents of ETN public listing approved by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation("TWSE") is deemed as part of the Exchange-Traded Notes Public Listing Contract.
Article 2
    Regulations related to securities, the by-laws and rules of TWSE as well as TWSE's announced items are all part of the Exchange-Traded Notes Public Listing Contract which the Issuer and TWSE shall both comply with.
Article 3
    After the Contract takes effect, the Issuer shall pay to TWSE the ETN public listing fee upon the intial listing and in January every year thereafter in accordance with the ETN public listing fee standards listed in the "Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Public Listing Fee Rate Schedule".
Article 4
    The Contract is made in quintuplicate with one submitted to the competent authority and the rest each to be hold by the Issuer and TWSE.
Article 5
    This Contract shall be filed with the competent authority for its recordation.

    Contracting Party
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation