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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Co-Location Service Management Regulations  CH

Amended Date: 2021.05.11 
Categories: Information Operations
   Chapter II Application for Use, Fees and Changes
Article 3    The TWSE may reject an application for the Services filed by a User who is in either of the following circumstances:
  1. Has a history of termination of use by the TWSE for violation of these Regulations or the Service Contract within the past two years, or has an overdue payment despite that the violation or termination took place more than two years ago.
  2. Has used the Services in a manner in violation of laws and regulations or the TWSE policies and rules, or has damaged the rights and interests of the TWSE or a third party for stealing, modifying or sabotaging data or equipment.
Article 4    An applicant for the Services shall sign the Co-Location Service Contract (the "Service Contract") with the TWSE, and complete the application for Co-Location and its additional services and furnish the following data at the TWSE's Co-Location User Service System. No devices may be moved to the premises without the TWSE's approval and notice of installation of devices.
  1. list of equipment
  2. network diagram
  3. firewall regulations
    The TWSE may rescind the contract with an applicant and cancel its application if the applicant fails to move its devices to the designated premises within sixty (60) days after the date for installation of devices specified by the TWSE. If an extension is needed, the applicant may request an extension with a legitimate reason.
    The applicant shall not request an extension of more than sixty (60) days or its application will be canceled by the TWSE.
Article 5    After signing of the Service Contract, the User shall immediately request the competitive auction devices or stock trading data transmission for testing. Devices will only be connected to the TWSE's servers if the test results are good.
Article 6    Fee rates for the Service shall be referred to the TWSE's Co-Location service fee rate schedule or as notified by the TWSE if different from the schedule.
    If a User has any past due for the Services and fails to make the overdue payment within the period specified in the notice, the TWSE may suspend the Services or terminate the contract.
Article 7    A User shall notify the change to any of the following to the TWSE:
  1. Its representative, contact person, address, telephone number and other contact information.
  2. Location of server cabinets, number of cabinets (both increase and decrease), and number of connection lines.
  3. Its maintenance staff and management staff.
  4. Suspension of operation, termination of business, assignment of business, merger or dissolution.
  5. Other notifications required by the TWSE.
Article 8    If a User wishes to change the Services, it shall make a request to the TWSE for prior approval and shall continue to pay for the Services until after the TWSE's approval and completion of the construction work necessitated by the change.
Article 9    A User wishing to suspend the Services or terminate the contract shall send a 30-day notice to the TWSE.
    In case of suspension of the Services requested by the User or according to the TWSE polices and rules, or contract terms, the User shall continue to pay all required fees during the suspension.