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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Co-Location Service Management Regulations  CH

Amended Date: 2019.08.26 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 5     After signing of the Service Contract, the User shall immediately request the competitive auction devices or stock trading data transmission for testing. Devices will only be connected to the TWSE's servers if the test results are good.
Article 11     If a securities firm acts as both dealer and broker at the same time, the Services may not be used in the brokerage business later than the dealing business except when the obligation to provide quotations is to be performed in the dealing business.
    A securities firm shall establish the rules of use and incorporate the same in its internal control and audit system prior to using the Services in its brokerage business, and shall treat investors in a fair manner in accordance with said rules.The TWSE may suspend the Services available to the securities firm if the latter isreported by investorsor discovered by the Competent Authority to be in violation of the rules of use; if said firm fails to make the correction within the period specified in the TWSE's notice, the TWSE may terminate its contract.