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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Co-Location Service Management Regulations  CH

Amended Date: 2021.05.11 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 4     An applicant for the Services shall sign the Co-Location Service Contract (the "Service Contract") with the TWSE, and complete the application for Co-Location and its additional services and furnish the following data at the TWSE's Co-Location User Service System. No devices may be moved to the premises without the TWSE's approval and notice of installation of devices.
  1. list of equipment
  2. network diagram
  3. firewall regulations
    The TWSE may rescind the contract with an applicant and cancel its application if the applicant fails to move its devices to the designated premises within sixty (60) days after the date for installation of devices specified by the TWSE. If an extension is needed, the applicant may request an extension with a legitimate reason.
    The applicant shall not request an extension of more than sixty (60) days or its application will be canceled by the TWSE.