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Taiwan Securities Association Rules Governing Underwriting and Resale of Securities by Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2023.11.30 (Articles 4-1, 22-1, 30, 40, 43, 43-1, 44, 54, 73 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2016.04.12 
Article 42     If the portion of an offering put up for public sale is underwritten partly by book building and partly by public subscription as prescribed in Article 22 (excepting underwriting as prescribed by the preceding Article), after the underwriting contract has been registered with the Taiwan Securities Association, the following matters shall be carried out:
  1. Day One: Publicly release a book building allocation announcement (an underwriting announcement shall be concurrently published at this time) and begin mailing subscription notifies, prospectuses, and notices of payment due.
  2. Payment period: The deadline shall be identical to that for payment of the subscription processing fee, the bid deposit, and prepaid postage, as set forth under Article 53 paragraph 1 subparagraph 5.
    If any of the dates set forth under the preceding paragraph falls on a weekend, regular holiday, or bank holiday, it shall be postponed by one day, and the dates that follow shall be postponed accordingly.
    The dates specified under paragraph 1 may be changed if necessary by applying to the Taiwan Securities Association for approval.
    Where a company listed on a stock exchange or an OTC market carrying out a cash capital increase through an issue of preferred shares uses the book building method for a portion of the shares and public subscription method for another portion of the shares to allocate the shares (other than those securities set aside for subscription by the company's employees) that are put up for underwritten distribution and public sale, those shares allocated to the company's employees may be handled in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1, provided that said employees can comply with the payment period specified in paragraph 1.
    When a bidder submits a book building bid form, the securities underwriter may collect from the bidder a book building bid deposit equal to all or part of the value of the securities bid for. The payment to be made by the bidder, as referred to in paragraph 1 subparagraph 2 above, shall be the price of the securities subscribed less the book building bid deposit. In the event a bidder does not fulfill his payment obligation within the allotted time, the securities underwriter may confiscate the book building bid deposit, and shall itself subscribe to the securities on the basis of the subscriber's payment.
    When the securities underwriter referred to in the preceding paragraph accepts a book building bid deposit from a subscriber, it shall do so by means of a trust, and shall specify in the trust contract the handling of default by the bidder and the damages for default..