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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Co-Location Service Management Regulations  CH

Amended Date: 2021.05.11 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 21     Users accessing the TWSE's Co-Location room shall comply with the following rules:
  1. A User's management and maintenance staff shall submit a request and obtain the TWSE's prior authorization before they may enter the Co-Location room.
  2. For equipment to be moved in and out of the Co-location room, an application shall be made on the Co-Location User Service System, and they shall be inventoried as requested.
  3. Only the individuals listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Authorized Co-Location Management and Maintenance Staff List may access the TWSE's equipment rooms. No other individuals may access the equipment room unless authorized by the TWSE.
  4. When accessing the Co-Location room, a User's management and maintenance staff are restricted to the routes necessary for them to get to their cabinets and servers and the common areas.
  5. The servers and network devices in the cabinets shall be inventoried periodically as requested.
    The TWSE may prohibit an individual from entering the Co-Location room or ask him/her to immediately leave the room in the event of a violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.