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Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation  CH

Amended Date: 2019.03.28 (Articles 50, 50-3 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2019.02.12 
Article 53-5     When a TWSE listed or TWSE primary listed company is to conduct a merger pursuant to Articles 53-1 to 53-3, the surviving TWSE listed or TWSE primary listed company shall submit an application form attaching the relevant documents (attachments). After the TWSE has examined and approved the application, it shall send the company a written opinion approving the merger. The written opinion shall state "This approval letter is provided only for purposes of the applicant company filing for registration with the Competent Authority for capital increase and issuance of new shares as a result of merger. If the registration filing fails to become effective, this approval letter shall become void."
    The termination of the Agreement for Listing of the securities of a TWSE listed or TWSE primary listed company under the preceding paragraph shall be reported by the TWSE to the Competent Authority for recordation.