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Regulations Governing Securities Firms Accepting Orders to Trade Foreign Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2024.05.08 (Articles 23 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2020.09.08 
Article 10     Unless the principal is a professional institutional investor or a high net worth juristic person investor , a securities firm accepting orders to trade foreign securities shall, at the time the principal opens the account, send an employee to explain the possible risks of various types of foreign securities and provide a copy of the risk disclosure statement to the principal. Both the employee responsible for explaining the risks involved and the principal shall sign the risk disclosure statement for record.
     If the securities firm uses electronic means to carry out the explanation of possible risks under the preceding paragraph, the procedures shall comply with the relevant administrative rules adopted by the Taiwan Securities Association.
    The risk disclosure statement of paragraph 1 shall contain the following items, and shall comply with the relevant self-regulatory rules of the securities dealers association:
  1. The possible risks of various types of foreign securities differ with the investment target and the investment exchange market. The investor shall understand the differences and risks of the stocks, warrants, beneficiary certificates, bonds, and depositary certificates to be invested in, and shall pay attention to changes in the sovereign rating of the country of the invested foreign securities market.
  2. Investing in foreign securities involves foreign securities exchange markets and hence requires following the local laws and exchange market regulations, which may differ from the Securities and Exchange Act of the Republic of China.
  3. Investing in foreign securities involves foreign currency exchange. In addition to any actual losses from the transaction, there is the risk of fluctuating exchange rates.
  4. In investing in foreign securities, the information securities firms provide to the investor according to Articles 21 and 22 of these Regulations, including research reports on the stock market or individual stocks, notification from the issuer of stock, or other information concerning the rights and benefits of the investor, are handled according to the procedures prescribed by foreign laws. The investor itself shall understand and judge accordingly.
  5. To trade foreign securities, a brokerage contract for the trading of foreign securities shall be signed. The investor shall clearly understand the content regarding the currency used, exchange rates, and other items involving calculations for the settlement/clearance fund and other costs in the contract.
  6. The warnings in the risk disclosure statement are extremely simplified and cannot convey the details of all the risks involved in investing and the factors influencing the market situation. Therefore, before the transaction, the principal, in addition to thoroughly analyzing the risk disclosure statement, must exhaustively deliberate on other possible influential factors and accurately estimate the risks involved, to prevent losses resulting from a transaction that he is unable to shoulder.
    After receiving approval for brokerage trading in a foreign securities market, a securities firm shall provide a written a risk disclosure statement in accordance with the regulations of the competent authority governing the given foreign market for reference by customers.