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Regulations Governing Securities Firms Accepting Orders to Trade Foreign Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2017.10.06 
Article 14      Article 36, paragraph 1 of the Regulations Governing Securities Firms shall apply mutatis mutandis to any securities firm that recommends foreign securities for which it accepts trading orders.
    When a securities firm recommends foreign securities, then except when the subject investment is an offshore fund or an offshore structured product, which shall be separately handled in accordance with relevant regulations, the securities firm shall comply with the following provisions:
  1. The prospectuses and other information provided may only be placed at specific operating counters.
  2. The securities firm may not engage in advertising, sales recommendations, or business promotions of a specific subject investment to the general public.
  3. The securities firm may engage in recommendation of a specific subject investment with a principal who has entered into a foreign securities brokerage contract by means of discussion in person, by e-mail or telephone contact, or by mailing product prospectuses. When investments are being recommended to a non-professional investor, the securities firm shall additionally abide by the following provisions:
    1. The securities firm must first obtain the investor's written consent for recommendations by the securities firm. The written consent shall be a single, independent document and may not be included as a part of other agreements. The principal may at any time terminate through written notification the consent to recommendations by the securities firm, and after having been informed in this manner, the securities firm may not continue to make such recommendations. The securities firm may obtain the aforesaid written consent by letter or electronically in a manner sufficient to confirm that the consenter is the principal him/her/itself and the principal's expression of intent.
    2. After obtaining the principal's consent as set out in the preceding item, the securities firm shall confirm that the principal has placed orders for five or more trades in foreign securities with the securities firm during the preceding year and that the principal is 70 years of age or below, and shall ask the principal when signing the consent form to confirm that he or she is a graduate of junior high school or a higher level institution and is not a holder of a National Health Insurance Major Illness/Injury Certificate.
    3. The securities firm shall have already confirmed, through the procedures under Article 11, that the specific subject investment being recommended is suitable for the given principal.
    4. The specific subject investment being recommended must meet the requirement of already being traded on a foreign securities exchange or OTC market designated by the FSC.
  4. If the specific subject investment is restricted at its overseas place of issuance to investment by professional investors only, or is a privately placed product, the securities firm may not accept investment by a non-professional investor, provided that this restriction does not apply if the principal possesses the qualifications required for an investor in the specific subject investment in question.
    The regulations governing securities firms recommending trades in foreign securities shall be prescribed by the securities dealers association.