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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2020.05.19 
Article 138 (Matters to Be Prescribed in the Business Bylaws or Operating Rules)
    A stock exchange shall, in addition to setting various rules, specify in detail in either its business bylaws or operational rules the following particulars:
  1. public listing of securities.
  2. use of the centralized securities exchange market.
  3. trading orders of securities dealers or brokers.
  4. opening and closing of the market trading.
  5. types of transaction.
  6. procedures on the trading of securities and the manner of forming trading contracts by securities brokers or dealers.
  7. trading units.
  8. pricing units and the limits on the rise or fall in price.
  9. date and manner of clearing and settlement.
  10. real-time disclosure of transaction information such as order quantity, price, matched transaction, etc. in connection with securities trading.
  11. other matters related to trading.
    The determination of matters prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall not violate any act or regulation. In matters affecting the interests of securities firms, prior opinion shall be solicited from the securities dealers association.