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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2020.05.19 
Article 25 (Filing of the Shareholdings of Directors, Supervisors, Managerial Officers, and 10-Percent Shareholders)
    Upon registering the public issuance of its shares, a company shall file with the Competent Authority and announce to the public the class and numbers of the shares held by its directors, supervisors, managerial officers, and shareholders holding more than ten percent of the total shares of the company.
    The stockholders referred to in the preceding paragraph shall file, by the fifth day of each month, a report with the issuer of the changes in the number of shares they held during the preceding month. The issuer shall compile and file such report of changes with the Competent Authority by the fifteenth day of each month. The Competent Authority may order an issuer to make public announcement of such information should it deem the measure necessary.
    The provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 22-2 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the calculation of shareholding referred to in the preceding two paragraphs of this Article.
    When the shares referred to in the first paragraph hereof are pledged, the pledgor shall make immediate notification to the issuer; the issuer shall inform the Competent Authority of such pledges within five days of their formation, and publicly announce such pledge.


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